Raffle winner Steve Collins, centre, with a few of his new Fabulous Fenwick Lions best friends. SUPPLIED

After a one-year postponement due to Covid, the Fenwick Lions Club held their Classic Car Raffle draw on Saturday, Sept. 11. The winning ticket was drawn by Garret Vanderweed, a puppy raiser for the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides, and out of 10,000 ticket stubs, Steve Collins, of Niagara-on-the-Lake, was declared the winner of a 1968 Camaro.

Reached by phone with the good news, Collins hopped into his car and drove to straight to the draw site, Centennial Park in Fenwick, to claim his prize.

“I’m still in shock, I can’t believe it,” Collins said on arrival. The avid car enthusiast plans on holding on to his prize.

“It’s always a nice feeling when you give away a car,” Classic Car Raffle Chairman Ryan Van Lochem said. “It’s a lot of work running these raffles but it’s worth it to see the joy on the winner’s face.”

Proceeds from the raffle go to the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog guides program, as well as to local charities and organizations.