Ready for action: gym space at Pelham's community centre set up for Covid-19 jabs in April 2021. SUPPLIED

The Town of Pelham is currently free of active Covid-19 cases, according to statistics released today by the Town.

For the first time in almost exactly a year, Niagara Public Health reports no identified coronavirus cases in the municipality. The last time that happened was on October 1, 2020.

The high point of active infections so far during the pandemic occurred on April 29 of this year, with 131 reported cases. There have been 655 total reported cases of Covid-19 in Pelham since record-keeping began.

As of October 4, Niagara Region reports 254 active cases. In Ontario, 104 patients are on ventilators, of these 94 are unvaccinated. There have been 27,947 deaths officially attributed to Covid in Canada since the pandemic started.

Niagara Public Health is set to start administering third-shot vaccine boosters to high-risk seniors this week.

The community centre requires proof-of-vaccination for entry in almost all cases. In a memo to Town staff, Chief Bylaw Officer and Fire Chief Bob Lymburner says that the facility has seen “a number of incidents involving unvaccinated patrons [challenging] the proof requirements.”

A security guard has been brought in to assist in checking proof and ID during high traffic times.