As we come to the end of a second pandemic year, with a new Covid variant spreading rapidly, inflation at a near-20-year high, the real estate market showing no signs of cooling, and Pelham’s municipal finances on stronger but still precarious footing, how satisfied are you with the policies and performance of your elected representatives?

Starting at the federal level and working down to the municipal level, tell us how much you approve of how various levels of government have served the public this year.

In each case, 1 is lowest approval, while 10 is highest approval.

This poll has closed.  Look for results in the December 22 issue of the Voice.





  1. Each level of government has been a disappointment for different reasons.The Federal bunch are spending too much imaginary money. The Provincial bunch are owned by the developers and real estate interests. The Regional bunch tax too much and will not reign in hiring.The local bunch seem to be at the mercy of our bloated administration and spend too much time bickering and posing.They are taxing us too much as well. These are trying times for all but I see no government rising above chaos and leading.

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