Satisfaction with governance: Local, Regional, Provincial, Federal

Last week we asked readers to tell us how satisfied they were with the performance of each level of government this year, from federal down to municipal. We also asked whether readers would like to see their current elected official-holders return for another go in 2022. There were 278 qualified responses. Respondents were asked to rate their approval of each office-holder on a scale from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest). Average approval ratings are:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: 34%

MP Dean Allison: 49%

Ontario Premier Doug Ford: 52%

MPP Sam Oosterhoff: 39%

Niagara Region Chair Jim Bradley: 51%

Regional Councillor Diana Huson: 53%

Pelham Mayor Marvin Junkin: 63%

Councillor Lisa Haun: 35%

Councillor Bob Hildebrandt: 39%

Councillor Ron Kore: 32%

Councillor Wayne Olson: 62%

Councillor Marianne Stewart: 36%

Councillor John Wink: 52%

Well over 400 responses were received, but a large number of respondents attempted to game the system by either repeatedly voting positively for a given officeholder or repeatedly voting negatively for him or her, most particularly regarding some Pelham Town Councillors. These and other votes that were detected as not genuine were discarded.

When it comes to returning elected officials to office, over half of respondents said that they would not favour re-electing the Ford government.

Similarly, there was little enthusiasm for seeing most of Pelham Town Council return.

Councillor Ron Kore fared the worst, with nearly 64% preferring that he not run again.

In the centre was Councillor John Wink, with opinion evenly split between “Yes” and “Unsure” as to whether he should seek re-election.

The most positive responses were for Councillor Wayne Olson and Mayor Marvin Junkin, with “Yes” at 51.4% and 52.9% respectively, although many respondents were also on the fence and unsure about both.