A Canadian truck convoy supporter includes an American flag on her poster. EDGAR BULLON

An Ottawa resident’s experience living under siege

I was asked to write a first-person account about what it’s been like living in Ottawa during the trucker protest. My intention is to describe what my experiences have been over the past seven days since the convoy arrived.

I am not, however, going to offer my views or thoughts about vaccine mandates, lockdowns, or any other government policies concerning Covid-19.

During my 12 years living in Ottawa, and having lived downtown, I have seen many, many protests and demonstrations. Sometimes a street or two is shut down for a couple hours if the protesters march. We are accustomed to it; people have the right to peaceful protest.

This convoy was originally meant to protest cross-border vaccine mandates for truckers. It was supposed to be a peaceful protest to bring attention to their cause.

What this has morphed into is a hostile, violent occupation of Ottawa by extremists. This is domestic terrorism. Terrorism is defined as “the unlawful use of violence or threats to intimidate or coerce a civilian population or government, with the goal of furthering political, social, or ideological objectives.”

I am afraid to go downtown because of the potential violence. I do not believe this fear is unfounded.

I had to go downtown on Friday, January 28, in the afternoon. The convoy was just starting to arrive. I was not able to drive downtown because of the convoy so I took the LRT. I arrived safely and made it to my appointment. As I walked back to the LRT station to go home, I saw many pickup trucks driving around flying “F*ck Trudeau” flags and a few flying Confederate flags. I was not afraid at that time, but I was perplexed by the Confederate flags. The Confederate flag is American and is often used by alt-right extremists and white supremacists. I thought, “Why are they flying this flag? What does it have to do with a Canadian protest about cross-border vaccine mandates?”

This is domestic terrorism

Things escalated from there.

A friend was supposed to come over to dinner on Saturday evening. (I live east of downtown now and things are quiet here.) My friend lives downtown, in the heart of the convoy. He went out in the afternoon to pick up some wine. On his way home, he was stopped by a group of “protesters,” yelled at because he was wearing a mask, had his mask pulled off, and was pushed to the ground. He made it home and is physically okay but he’s scared to leave his apartment now. He is being held hostage because these “protesters” are violent.

He is not comfortable walking to the LRT, he cannot use his car because the streets are blocked, he can’t take an Uber or taxi because they can’t get to his place. He is trapped inside his apartment.

He can’t sleep because the trucks are blaring their horns at all hours. Sleep deprivation and sound torture for six days now is not part of a peaceful protest.

Other friends that also live downtown have posted pictures of “protesters” parked on the war memorial, swastika flags being flown outside parliament. Urine on the War Memorial and the National Aboriginal Veterans Memorial. A Trump 2024 flag proudly displayed in front of Parliament Hill.

My understanding is the swastika flag was used by Nazi Germany and they were not known for upholding people’s rights and freedoms. Why are the “protesters” flying this flag? How is urinating on the War Memorial supporting Canadian’s rights and freedoms?

This “protest” has provided a forum for every hate-filled cause to have a stage. This is far from a protest against a truckers vaccine mandate.

How long will the city of Ottawa be held hostage?

I am reminded of a protest held about 14 months ago by aboriginal and black advocates and their allies that had peacefully blocked one intersection downtown. The police dispersed the protesters and arrested 12 people, charging them with mischief. The statement released by Ottawa police at that time stated, “the demonstration had disrupted traffic and blocked an important route for emergency responders, causing multiple safety issues.”

This “protest” has provided a forum for every hate-filled cause to have a stage

The Ottawa police chief released a statement a few days ago calling the police response to the current demonstration a success. I wonder what the police response to this demonstration would have been if the protesters were not primarily white men?

This is not the Canada that I know. The police are pandering to a group of terrorists. I don’t think the majority of Canadians believe the way to effect change to the government is through violence and intimidation—regardless of their stance on the vaccine and vaccine mandates.

Trent Crick was raised in Fonthill.






  1. These people have proven themselves to be nothing more that anarchists bent on burning it all down, democracy be damned. Stay strong, Ottawa. The vast majority of the country is behind you!

  2. I am thoroughly unimpressed by your choice to publish this divisive one sided view of what is going on in Ottawa. I had much higher expectations from our paper who has previously put corrupt government on the ropes.

  3. It’s amazing how stupid these so-called protesters are. In the name of “getting back to normal” and “saving the economy” their B.S. blockade is doing far more cumulative damage to Canada than the lockdowns have. Even during the lockdowns commerce continued to flow across the border. Now these asswipes are strangling the economy worse than COVID ever did. Idiots, total idiots.

  4. The protestors are the same people who were blocking hospital entrances last year. No despicable act is beneath them because they are, like the article says, terrorists. They can justify anything to match their warped fantasies of Bill Gates taking over the world with vaccine chips. These people need psychological help.

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