Then-CAO Darren Ottaway, right, during a Nov. 2017 Pelham Town Council meeting. VOICE FILE

Darren ottaway’s defense counsel, Paul Bragagnolo, was in a Cochrane courtroom last Tuesday—the fifth proceeding in the matter— to address four criminal charges against the former Pelham CAO, some of which are alleged to have occurred in Fonthill.

Ottaway is charged with two assault charges (Statute 266 of the Canadian Criminal Code), a sexual interference charge (S.151, C.C.C.), and a sexual assault charge (S.271, C.C.C.). He was granted bail at his initial court appearance on January 24.

Chantal Chenier, Supervisor of Court Operations in the Ministry of the Attorney General’s office in Cochrane, told the Voice that Ottaway is set to stand trial on October 4 for an alleged assault on his son.

On the other charges, Ottaway is in the process of being scheduled for a judicial pre-trial, which has been adjourned until May 31.

It appears that Ottaway may not face the Niagara justice system. Reached for an update, NRPS spokesperson Phil Gavin told the Voice that Niagara police are waiting for further information from the OPP.

“I have also spoken to the detectives from our Special Victims Unit, and they are not aware of any changes forthcoming. It is their belief that the matter will be handled in its entirety by the OPP and Crown’s office in Cochrane.”