Police blocking a portion of Highway 20 in Fonthill on Sunday, May 8, 2022. WARREN MASON

Motorcycle rider expected to recover

One motorcyclist accidentally collided with her companion at an intersection in Fonthill on Sunday afternoon, resulting in Hwy 20 being closed to traffic for several hours.

Peter Piper’s Pub and Parlour owner Peter Moore had an unenviable front-row seat. A security camera above his entrance caught the whole thing.

From my camera after the fact,” Moore told the Voice on Sunday evening, “this is what I saw. Two motorcyclists were heading eastbound and approached the lights [at the Sobey’s entrance]. The light was yellow— the forward bike stopped and I believe caught the second bike off guard, who I think wasn’t expecting the forward bike to stop.”

Moore said the second bike clipped the first causing the rider to fall off and hit the pavement face-first. Her bike kept skidding about 20 feet past the intersection.

I was leaving the parlour at around 2:45 PM and witnessed the two bikes lying on the road. An older lady—an ice cream patron—started calling 9-1-1. The first rider was trying to aid the second biker, who was his partner, and I yelled that I was going to get some help.”

Moore said he headed into his pub and grabbed Steph Murdock and Leo Giovenazzo, who he knew were certified in first aid, plus the restaurant’s first aid kit and some ice.

Leo and Steph administered aid. An employee from the LCBO also came out and was assisting with advice, while one of our regulars, Bill Bell, conducted traffic.”

EMS arrived on scene and took over.

Seeing the patient you would think of the physical, visible wounds, but I’m guessing she went into shock, and obviously they were concerned that her injuries were life-threatening.”

Moore said he was told on Sunday evening that the woman, in her 40s, was out of danger. Moore said that both riders were “troopers.”

You can tell good people and they certainly were. The boyfriend was pretty upset.”

Moore had high praise for those who helped.

Leo Gio was top notch and first class. And Steph Murdock did a wonderful job comforting the rider. I cannot speak highly enough of those two individuals while many others sat idly by.”

It was a scary sight to witness, even on the camera.”