Steve Piironen and his son Mackenzie of Green Acres Total Yard Care. DON RICKERS

Green Acres Total Yard Care serves all of Niagara

A father and son landscaping duo have returned to Niagara, eager to grow their business.

Steve Piironen and his son, Mackenzie, operate Green Acres Total Yard Care from an office in Welland and a landscaping shop in Wainfleet. They offer a full array of services, including spring and fall yard cleanup, lawn mowing and edging, power raking, sod installation, shrub pruning and tree trimming, mulch installation, plant removal and replacement, and even tree stump grinding.

An E.L. Crossley graduate, Steve grew up in Fenwick, and still has family and friends in the area. Employment opportunities took him west to Alberta around 2000, where he first introduced the Green Acres name as a landscaping and yard care company in the Edmonton area, on a part-time basis, about seven years ago. Mackenzie holds a college diploma in technology, and joined the business when it evolved into a full-time operation. When Steve felt drawn back to Niagara, he decided to relocate the company in familiar territory, with positive demographics for growth.

Green Acres is a registered and fully insured business in its inaugural season, with about 25 clients at present, but with expectations to grow well beyond that level. The company also sources its materials locally, in support of other small businesses.

Robin, Steve’s wife, has 40 years of horticulture background, and will serve as the company’s plant and tree expert.

“She’ll do consultations with clients,” said Steve, “and will assist us as far as laying out plants in different configurations. Robin’s experience complements our business very well. She’ll go to the nurseries with the clients and hand-pick products, which introduces a very personal element to our service.”

Green Acres flyers will be appearing in local neighbourhoods soon, and the business already has positive word-of-mouth endorsements from current customers that have led to new clients, said Steve.

He has not limited the scope of the operation only to Welland and Pelham.

“We are flexible in accommodating client schedules, and eager to attract customers, so our plan is to expend our service throughout all of Niagara,” said Steve. “I’m confident that our professionalism will impress.”

Green Acres could have continued very easily in Alberta,” said Steve. “We were experiencing steady annual growth. But from a demographic perspective, Niagara has a large and growing population in a smaller geographic area, and with fuel and operational expenses on the rise, this move makes more business sense. Plus, it’s great to be back among family and old friends.”

For an estimate, contact Steve at 905-327-3958, or via email at [email protected] The business website is