Niagara Regional Councillor Diana Huson. SUPPLIED PHOTO

Pelham Regional Councillor Diana Huson was reappointed to the Board of Directors for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) at their annual general meeting on June 6.

FCM has been the voice of local government across Canada for some 120 years and plays an “important role in advocating for municipalities, ensuring the needs of the nation’s cities and towns are reflected in federal policies and programs,” according to a Niagara Region press statement.

The FCM board meets quarterly to develop positions on federal policies that effect local government in Canada.

Lawmakers in Ottawa have a long-standing practice of working with the FCM Board of Directors when making decisions that will affect municipalities, including the allocation of direct federal funding.

“With Councillor Huson securing a second term on this influential board we can be sure that Niagara will continue to have a strong voice at the table when vital decisions are being made,” said Regional Chair Jim Bradley. “I am confident that Councillor Huson will continue to be an effective advocate in Ottawa for Niagara’s priorities, as well as other municipalities across Ontario.”

Huson said that she was pleased by the reappointment.

“I am eager to continue my work on the board, building upon my previous successes, while making sure that Niagara’s priorities are well represented with legislators in the federal government.”

Of the 444 municipalities in Ontario, there are only 14 seats for the Ontario Caucus. Prior to Huson’s appointment to the board, the Niagara Region had not had representation.




  1. Diana Huson has been the best Regional Councillor Pelham has had in 20 years. Hope she’s running for reelection!

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