Pelham Town Hall will be closed to the public on Wednesday June 22, from 8:30 AM until noon to allow for an all-staff event.

The Pelham Meridian Community Centre will remain open during this time.


  1. I tried to leave a comment on the last council story but wasn’t able to.

    I could not believe what I witnessed while watching last week’s Town Council meeting this weekend on YouTube. Councillor Ron Kore deliberately insulted Mayor Junkin by saying about him, “I don’t think the shoes are that big,” meaning the Mayor’s abilities to lead. This caused Councillor Lisa Haun to respond with the most disgusting display of sarcastic facial expressions that I have ever seen during a meeting of elected officials. They should both be ashamed of their unacceptable and childish behavior, and they both owe the Mayor an apology. I believe their conduct violates Town policy and I intend to follow up with the Town on this issue on Monday morning. Of course I do not hold my breath for such apologies. This pair has proved repeatedly that they have no ability to think of anything beyond their own interests, and do not know the meaning of the word “shame.”

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