Wilson and Nicki Montgomery, at their home in Fenwick. CYNTHIA ROBERTS

Special to the Voice

Nicki and Wilson Montgomery are the recent recipients of the Pelham Beautification Committee’s thank you initiative. The Montgomery’s built their home at the north-east corner of Canboro Road and Cream Street in 1998. The lot is close to two acres in size with the house set back, giving a grand view of a very large, neatly trimmed yard with beautiful flower beds and a small walnut grove full of treasured items.

The first Pelham Centre School, a little log cabin, was located at this corner pre-1820, before the school was eventually built at the Center Street site. Wilson Montgomery said, “There was a farm at the corner as well, and we still find remnants of horseshoes, nails and other farm paraphernalia in the walnut grove.”

Nicki Montgomery is the self-professed gardener in the family and enjoys tending to the flower beds. However, she said, “When we first purchased the land it was overrun with scrub brush and weeds. It was quite an undertaking cleaning up the lot and landscaping it with colourful points of interest, to its present day glory.”

Wilson is tasked with mowing the lawn and helping with the weeding. “Family and friends donate plants and various pieces of garden art,” he said. “We picked up a pot belly stove and added it to the collection of neat old things in the walnut grove, including a bike, pump, and a shed that I built that looks like an outhouse.”

Nicki proudly said that they were the recipient of three Trillium Awards from the Communities in Bloom Committee in 2003, 2005 and 2013. “We also hosted two garden tours. After a long day of tending to the gardens, I take the short walk to the walnut grove where I sit and enjoy the peace and quiet.”

The Pelham Beautification Committee are pleased to recognize Wilson and Nicki Montgomery for their beautification accomplishments over the years. Readers are reminded that 2022 is the Year of the Garden, and the Committee is eager to hear about other gardens deserving recognition at [email protected]