Cycle race route for Canada Summer Games competition coming to Pelham this Thursday, Aug. 18. SUPPLIED

The Niagara 2022 Canada Summer Games is hosting its Cycling Road Race in Pelham this Thursday, August 18. During the event several roads will be closed as part of the race route, with the support of the Town of Pelham and Niagara Regional Police, and significant disruption to local traffic and business can be expected.

Games organizers say periodic road closures will occur between 9 AM and 6 PM. Local traffic will be required to use Highway 20 to cross the race course through police-facilitated closures. Non-local traffic will be detoured around the race course and downtown Pelham to ease any congestion caused by the road closures.

The race course is a loop that about 20 km long, starting and finishing at the recently resurrected Pelham arches, in downtown Fonthill. Entrants will head west up Church Hill and along Canboro, then north along Effingham, where the majority of the course runs north of Highway 20. The women will do six loops starting at 10 AM, while the men will do nine loops starting at 2:30 PM. Awards will be handed out at the arches.

The following streets will have large disruptions:

Highway 20, Pelham Town Square, Pelham Street, Church Hill, Canboro Road, Effingham Street, Tice Road, Cream Street, Metler Road, Hansler Street, Overholt Road.

Residents are asked to refer to the Canada Games web page at for further updates.