Jennifer Genet, with with some of the gently used fashion available at Fashion Flip, in Fonthill. DON RICKERS

New gently used luxury consignment boutique opens

Jennifer Genet, a Ridgeway resident whose main job for 17 years has been selling homes for Royal LePage throughout the Niagara region, has a new sideline gig in Fonthill, a ladies clothing boutique called Fashion Flip, located at 1400 Pelham Street.

“My daughter Mary Beth is actually the one that facilitated me getting into consignment shopping about five years ago,” said Genet. “She would tell me, ‘Mom, why would you pay so much for stylish clothing, when I can get similar items for so much less through a consignment sale?’ Sometimes I couldn’t believe how little she paid. So that was the impetus. My son Maxwell and I started this business together in June. He runs our social media presence, handling our website. We are also on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.”

Genet has been open for business at the shop since June 8, but has yet to have a grand opening. She will be posting new arrivals on her website as the fall season progresses. Many of the items adorning her clothing racks are brand new, still with the original sales tags.

“There’s always a story behind that, which is kind of fun, since the husbands are usually unaware,” she said with a laugh. “We welcome ladies to bring in their high-quality items. We pay 35 percent of the sale price, which is pretty standard in the clothing resale industry.”

In addition to fashion and formal garments, Genet has purses, jewelry, shoes, and other personal item in her 1000-square-feet of boutique space, organized into colour blocks, broken down into sizes.

“It adds a bit of continuity to the store,” said Genet. “We offer a more creative way to shop. It’s definitely retail therapy with a little less guilt, I would say. It’s also fun to take things that you maybe don’t wear anymore, or have outgrown, and get a little something for them.”

She noted that in today’s world, people are more cognizant about recycling and repurposing items, not simply buying new and throwing old items away.

“I think that’s the new mentality that I see in all age groups, from fashion-conscious high school students through to stylish seniors,” she said.

“As a realtor, I’ve always loved Fonthill, and when I had the opportunity to open a consignment shop here, I jumped at the chance. It’s a growing area, and the community has been amazing and so welcoming. Everybody that steps through the door seems to be so excited that we’re here.”

Genet is personally at the store Tuesday through Thursday, but the shop is open Tuesday through Friday from 10:30 AM to 5 PM, and on Saturday from 10:30 AM until 3 PM.

Genet invites inquiries at 289-969-5431. Visit Fashion Flip online at the following coordinates: