The newly elected Pelham Town Council meets for the first time, on Nov. 21, 2022. From left, Ward 1 Councillor Kevin Ker, Ward 2 Councillor John Wink, Ward 3 Councillor Bob Hildebrandt, Town Clerk Holly Willford, Mayor Marvin Junkin, CAO David Cribbs, Ward 3 Councillor Shelley Niznik, Ward 2 Councillor Brian Eckhardt, and Ward 1 Councillor Wayne Olson. JOHN CHICK

In their inaugural meeting, members of the newly elected, 2022-2026 Pelham Town Council took their oaths of office on Monday evening, Nov. 21, at the Meridian Community Centre.

Newcomers Brian Eckhardt, Kevin Ker, and Shellee Niznik joined re-elected or acclaimed members Mayor Marvin Junkin, Bob Hildebrandt, Wayne Olson, and John Wink.

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