Newspapers: The original Push Notification

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Reach Pelham’s affluent 18,000 residents in 7,200 households every week for less than you spend on gasoline getting to work.

There is simply no more cost-effective way of reaching Pelham than its beloved, best-read newspaper, the Voice.

No other advertising medium comes even close in penetration, readership, or influence.

Radio?  For the cost of a typical radio contract, you could take out a half-page ad in the Voice every week for a year!

A daily paper?  High cost, low value.  Daily newspapers are in and out of the house in just a few hours.  The Voice lasts a week—on kitchen counters, in stores and restaurants all over town.


Online advertising requires consumers to go and find it.  (Also: Ad blockers.)

The Voice finds you.  It arrives on consumers’ doorsteps and in their mailboxes every week, without fail.

And unlike the other weeklies, its not abandoned at the end of driveways or tossed into shrubbery.

There are simply no better odds that your message will be seen by 17,000 Pelham residents than by running it in the Voice of Pelham.

Contact us today to add our newspaper into your marketing mix.  Our talented copywriters and graphics designers will create ads targeting precisely the audience you wish to reach.

General display advertising, Professional Services advertising, Building and Service trades advertising—it’s all in the Voice.

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