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What is “affordable” housing in Pelham?

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VOICE POLL: The old arena—Sell it or keep it?

  In our February 6 issue, the Voice carried an interview with Interim CAO and Treasurer Teresa Quinlin, in which she acknowledged that the Town...

ANALYSIS: As Region debates asking province for help with Pelham’s books, unanswered questions remain

BY VOICE STAFF Some Niagara councils have recently passed symbolic resolutions in support of Mayor Dave Augustyn and Pelham Town Council, arguing that the Niagara...

POLL: Pelham mayoral race 2018

If the 2018 election were held today, who would you choose? As of the poll’s closing on Monday afternoon, Feb. 12, a total of 154...


The Voice Municipal Election Tracking Poll RESULTS Last week, with 83 days to go before Election Day, we asked who you would for vote for if...

THE VOICE POLL: Leviathan Cannabis

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VOICE POLL: The arches

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VOICE POLL: 2018 Municipal Election

  Update: On July 12, Pelham Mayor Dave Augustyn announced his intent to run for Regional Chair. BY VOICE STAFF A number of readers report receiving political...

VOICE POLL: Building height limits in Fonthill

  A Fonthill developer has requested a variance, allowing him to exceed the three-storey limit on buildings, so that he can add and fourth and...