Thursday, December 2, 2021

VOICE POLL: Are cannabis company donations okay?

According to an investigation by the Ontario Ombudsman, Pelham Town Council improperly instructed the volunteer Fonthill Bandshell Committee not to accept a donation from...

THE VOICE POLL: Gypsy moth spraying

This poll has closed. Looks for results in the March 4 issue of the Voice.   At its next regular meeting, Pelham Town Council will hear...

VOICE POLL: Extend Niagara mask bylaw?

Niagara Region's mandatory mask wearing bylaw is set to expire on October 1 Should Regional Council extend it?  Tell us what you think! This poll has...

THE VOICE POLL | Proxy voting for Pelham Town Council

Pelham Town Council is considering granting itself the ability for councillors to vote by proxy, i.e., for councillors to give their vote to other...

VOICE POLL: Trick-or-treating, yes or no?

As COVID-19 cases are on the increase in the Province and Region, how comfortable are you as a parent letting your kids out to...

THE VOICE POLL | NDP candidate David Augustyn

  This poll has closed. Look for results in this week's Voice!    

VOICE POLL: Welland Ward 3 By-Election

This poll has closed.  See the August 4 issue of the Voice for results.      

VOICE POLL: Junkin’s penalty

At their last regular meeting, on June 15, Pelham Town Council debated what punishment Mayor Marvin Junkin should receive after the municipal Integrity Commissioner...

THE VOICE POLL: Where are the birds?

  This poll has closed. Look for results in this week's edition of the Voice.