Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Municipal Election Tracking Poll: Latest results

  Take the next poll in this series: 6 weeks before Election Day

VOICE POLL: Home hotels in Pelham

    This poll has closed.  

THE VOICE POLL: 8 weeks to Election Day

Municipal Election Tracking Poll: 8 weeks to Election Day This poll has closed.  Look for results in our next issue.      

THE VOICE POLL | NDP Candidate David Augustyn

Last week we asked readers to tell us whether they were prepared to vote for former Pelham mayor David Augustyn, whose final years in...

THE VOICE POLL: Gypsy moth spraying

This poll has closed. Looks for results in the March 4 issue of the Voice.   At its next regular meeting, Pelham Town Council will hear...

VOICE POLL: Welland Ward 3 By-Election

This poll has closed.  See the August 4 issue of the Voice for results.      

POLL: Should the province be called in?

As Niagara Region is set to vote on Thursday over whether to request provincial examination of Pelham's finances, tell us what you think. This poll...

VOICE POLL: Trick-or-treating, yes or no?

As COVID-19 cases are on the increase in the Province and Region, how comfortable are you as a parent letting your kids out to...

THE VOICE POLL | Cancel Canada Day 2021?

Municipalities large and small across the country are opting to cancel their Canada Day celebrations this year in reaction to the recent revelations of...