Wednesday, September 28, 2022

VOICE POLL RESULTS: Building height in Fonthill

Overwhelming preference: Stick with 3 storeys BY VOICE STAFF  

VOICE POLL: Building height limits in Fonthill

  A Fonthill developer has requested a variance, allowing him to exceed the three-storey limit on buildings, so that he can add and fourth and...

QUICK POLL: Going to Summerfest?

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What is “affordable” housing in Pelham?

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THE VOICE POLL: CannTrust odour levels

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VOICE POLL: The arches

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THE VOICE POLL: Leviathan Cannabis

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Voice readers: “Sell the arena”

BY VOICE STAFF Voice readers have come out strongly in support of selling Pelham's old arena on Haist Street. Last week, the Voice Poll asked...

VOICE POLL: The old arena—Sell it or keep it?

  In our February 6 issue, the Voice carried an interview with Interim CAO and Treasurer Teresa Quinlin, in which she acknowledged that the Town...