Tuesday, November 29, 2022

THE VOICE POLL: 8 weeks to Election Day

Municipal Election Tracking Poll: 8 weeks to Election Day This poll has closed.  Look for results in our next issue.      

POLL RESULTS: “Keep home-hotels out of residential areas”

  BY VOICE STAFF Last week we asked for reader opinion about whether and where so-called home-hotels, such as Bed & Breakfasts and Airbnbs, should be...


The Voice Municipal Election Tracking Poll RESULTS Last week, with 83 days to go before Election Day, we asked who you would for vote for if...

VOICE POLL: Home hotels in Pelham

    This poll has closed.  

VOICE TRACKING POLL: 83 days to Election Day

  This poll has closed. Looks for results in our August 8 edition.

VOICE POLL: Scrapping direct election of Niagara Regional Chair

  This poll has closed. Results appear below.  

THE VOICE POLL: Attitudes toward the Community Centre

BY VOICE STAFF On the heels of a "sneak peek" of the new Meridian Community Centre offered a week ago Saturday to Pelham residents, last...

RESULTS: Municipal election tracking poll, Week 1

  In the first of what the Voice intends to be a regular poll tracking reader opinion about October's Municipal Election, last week we asked...

The Voice Poll: Attitudes toward the Meridian Community Centre

  Now that the new Meridian Community Centre is finally set to open after several years of debate and discussion, and two years after Pelham...