Shopping carts block the entrance of Sobey's Fonthill, Thursday, April 23. An employee informed shoppers approaching from the parking lot that the store was closed for steam cleaning, and would reopen Friday, 7 AM. DON RICKERS

Scheduled to reopen Friday

A Sobeys spokesperson has confirmed that their Fonthill store will close overnight Thursday for “deep-cleaning,” to reopen Friday, April 24 at 7 AM.

Jacqueline Weatherbee, Sobeys communications officer, told the Voice Thursday afternoon than the company has launched an internal investigation, “into the events and what’s occurred,” and that they are cooperating with local authorities. Weatherbee would not cite which authorities these were. The Niagara Police Service has acknowledged opening an investigation related to the positive COVID-19 case at the store, but have not disclosed details of who or what is under scrutiny.

“We are thankful that customers and employees have brought information forward,” said Weatherbee.

Niagara Region Police cruiser on site, April 23. WARREN MASON

Sobeys corporate has “reached out multiple times” to Niagara Public Health on the issue of testing for all Fonthill employees, she said.

“We have been advised that each employee would have to reach out to public health to see if they are deemed eligible for a test.”

Weatherbee reiterated Sobeys’ position that by local public health directives, the store is not required to close, nor are employees who were in contact to the infected staffer required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Weatherbee said that franchisee Ron Kore made the decision to close overnight for cleaning.



  1. Too late. After previous statement of Ms. Weatherbee, I completely lost trust in this company and will not be shopping in any of their stores.

  2. The store should be closed regardless of Ron’s opinion. He clearly doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation in the first place since he kept going to the store for 3+ weeks after showing symptoms.

    There’s no excuse for this behavior, since public health has been telling people to self quarantine if they show ANY symptoms.

  3. Every employee should come forward with their concernes without fear of reprocusions of losing their jobs. They should also ALL be tested for the virus, precotions for themselves, their families and all patrons. I won’t be back until there is a full clean bill of health… I do hope Ron and all will be fine.

  4. Too little too late applies after both Ron and Corporate refused to.close and clean and even offer councilling for staff.

    Ron Kore simply showed arrogance and his real lack of responsibility for public safety.

    It’s like as if he said YES I pulled the trigger but the bullet missed hitting anyone.

    I myself never in a million years would I put anyone at risk if I were ill. My wife and I we on the princess cruise ship in March that was held in the Caribbean because of the virus. We told everyone. We did quarantine in the Caribbean and since weve been back we’ve remained away from anyone in our own self quarantine and have been very open about our travel and health because we respect our fellow nieghbors, friends and family.
    We owe transparency and truth to everyone.

    An after the fact I’m sorry doesn’t cut it.

  5. I quote Ms Weatherbee from yesterday”Ms Weatherbee asserted that the Fonthill location, like all Sobeys stores in Canada, is in compliance with directives handed down by local health authorities, and that closure was not necessary.”Ok closure not necessary so now store being closed for a deep clean at the direction of the owner Kore?
    Where is sobeys best interests in all of this ?
    She then goes onto reiterate today “Weatherbee reiterated Sobeys’ position that by local public health directives, the store is not required to close, nor are employees who were in contact to the infected staffer required to self-isolate for 14 days.”
    Thus they are complying under the guise of local public directives and that is all they haved to do How about stepping up take care of the store its employees ,customers and the community that supports them . That is the RIGHT thing to do. stop reiterating policy. is not winning you any customers

  6. It would appear that we are once again jumping the gun. There are insinuations than Ron Kore was Covid 19 positive for over four weeks and that he should have known this and isolated himself. Maybe Ron had been to the doctors and been told he just had a bad cold, maybe he suffers from seasonal allergies, as I do, we do not know. Assuming that Ron was positive for Covid 19 for the last four weeks, highly unlikely, based on the latest modelling this would mean he could haves infected over 1,000 people!

    Though I agree that Ron did not act prudently there is no evidence that he was walking around with this virus for the last four weeks, which is implied by this newspaper. Maybe Ron picked up the virus elsewhere. Before we jump to conclusion, we should wait for the facts to emerge only then can we judge. Hopefully Ron will make a full recovery. As far as shopping at this store, why not.

    • I feel you have been the only voice of reason in all these comments! Thank you for you words and your point of view. When did we become a people that casts stones and condemns another before we even having any of the facts! Shame on the rest of these people being judge and jury. I wonder if all of their choices, poor or otherwise, were judged if they would come out perfectly clean.

  7. I used to shop at that Sobey’s. I have MS, and am one of those “at risk” of serious complications if I get sick with this new corona virus. To know that the owner blatantly put his employees and his customers at risk is very scary. How many elderly and fellow “at risk” people have been exposed because of the actions of one selfish, uneducated citizen? I hear that Sobey’s is refusing to pay for any employee who wants to get tested. They should ALL be tested. Same with council, and people that this man has come into contact with. Why isn’t contact tracing being done? Do we want another council member to die? Does Fonthill need increases in infection because there is a severe lack of follow-up? Is the owner of Sobey’s going to be fined for working even though he knew he possibly had COVID19? How many times a day do those plexiglass screens get cleaned? After initially refusing a deep clean, should we worry about how seriously Sobey’s is taking suggested safety measures?
    So many questions and no answers. I, for one, will be shopping elsewhere, permanently. A person willing to risk the lives of his employees, friends, customers, and peers is not someone I wish to support. I suggest others do the same, because it looks like this gentleman isn’t even apologizing, let alone atoning for his abhorrent, dangerous behaviour.

  8. “Weatherbee reiterated Sobeys’ position that by local public health directives, the store is not required to close, nor are employees who were in contact to the infected staffer required to self-isolate for 14 days.” I am furious! How dare they treat their staff with such blatant disregard! Weatherbee, who dont you and SObeys pull your fingers out of your arses and do the right thing instead of ‘following directives.

    Your attitude and that of your company, as an employer is appalling

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